Dorian Davis

Apr 11

Is UC San Diego's Koala the most offensive student-run newspaper out there, or the most creative?

The question big media ought to be asking: what percentage of Obamacare enrollees had no insurance prior?

Apr 08

The headlines that are killing America: “This [subject] [verb] [object]. What happens next [verb] [object]” & “[number] Things [demographic] [verb].”

Jan 17

So our @RichFrenchLive panel on Sochi got spliced into a techno song (at 3:30) to protest the winter #Olympics (Link)

Jan 13

Another semester begins!

Oct 31

I cancelled class tonight. I guess I’m Obamacare’s website for Halloween, since I’m not working either.

Oct 29

I got that giraffe riddle as soon as I heard it. You have to do better than that.

Oct 25

The bad news is that I just got bumped from a Sun. night TV spot. The good news is that VH1 is re-airing that TLC movie Sun. night at 8. So I guess that when God closes a door…