Dorian Davis

Sep 05

Will the White House #Press Corps ever follow up on a canned presidential response? (I wrote Press “Corpse” at first, & that’s not far off.)

Sep 04

I auditioned for a TV show with Joan Rivers once. I had a bigger fauxhawk than I do now and, as I left the room, she said, “Hey Dorian! Whenever you go to the airport, do they have to search your hair?”

Aug 17

A listicle beats a slideshow 100% of the time.

Obama calls for press freedom in Ferguson as Justice Department tries to compel reporter to reveal a confidential source

I’m feeling Yoncé this morning.

Aug 13

Suicide contagion & social media: the [potential] dangers of sharing that Genie meme to honor Robin Williams

Aug 10

John Oliver takes on "native advertising"

Americans Hijack ISIS Hashtag